Our services

Helping companies grow in local and international markets

For more than 20 years, CONSULSTAFF has been accompanying its customers in business development issues.

The team brings together Russian and Italian speaking professionals who specialize in strategy and organization of sales, marketing, fundraising and other aspects of business.

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1. International business development

We are engaged in the development of Russian-Italian trade relations.

We accompany Russian companies in Italian and other European markets. With us, Italian operators are successfully developing in the Russian and other world markets.


2. Corporate Services

Creating a structure for entering European markets. Administrative support for companies in Italy and other countries. Financial and tax consulting Accounting services


3. Mergers and Acquisitions

We start with a fact-finding meeting with the company. It defines the goals and objectives of the investment project.

Then a preliminary analysis of the company is carried out. Based on the results of this preliminary analysis, an operational strategy is developed, the necessary documents are prepared to familiarize the project with potential investors or target acquisition companies.

The next step is the selection of the most suitable partner and the organization of a series of meetings (roadshow).


4. Business Planning and Investing

Attracting timely and proper investments can be an important investment in the development of a business.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the time and direction of the business, which needs financial injections; build a strategy for attracting investment, determine the method of attracting an investor, payback periods, etc.


5. Marketing Branding Design

It offers models for improving communication, thanks to a collaboration with a group of graphic designers experts in the field of web designers working in Italy and Russia.

• Definition of corporate identity
• Communication planning
• Logo development
• Production of communication materials
• Presentation and disclosure of corporate identity
• Social Media Management