Who are we?

For more than 20 years, CONSULSTAFF has been accompanying its customers in business development issues.

The team brings together Russian and Italian-speaking professionals who specialize in strategy and organization of sales, marketing, raising finance and other aspects of business

The success of your business in Russia and in Italy

Specialists accompany Russian clients during their development in Italy and other European countries

The team has rich experience in finding Russian partners for Italian manufacturers of equipment, goods and services

How we are organized:


Specialists in accounting and legal support are ready to create and manage a local presence in Russia and Italy


Business planning and investment consultants help clients develop a package of documents to attract financing

Sales department

Own sales department of 18 managers of Russia in combination with an expanded network of commercial agents allows you to quickly launch and manage sales in Russia


The M&A team has a rich history of completing purchase, sale and merger transactions


A separate team of specialized graphic designers able to offer external communication tools


The developed network of our specialized partners allows us to help clients in many other aspects of their activities

Our landmarks (see explanation below):

check mark

Successful completion of client tasks


Business Success


The principle of open and developed dialogue with customers and between countries


New approaches based on the traditions and quality of traditional business consulting


Striving for better customer results and personal success

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Creating conditions for easy lifting, height and speed

Our team

  • Years of experience in management consulting, mergers and acquisitions in Italy.
  • He specializes in mergers and acquisitions, raising finance for companies in Italy.
  • Over 10 years, developing business partnerships between Russia and Italy in various sectors.
  • Years of working experience with global leaders in management consulting.
  • Specializes in international development, strategic planning and marketing.
  • MBA, Ph.D.
  • He has been accompanying companies in Italy and Russia for over 10 years, has his own accounting practice.
  • Specializes in accounting, financial and tax consulting.
  • Over 30 years of experience in supporting companies on administrative matters.
  • Accounting and legal support of Russian companies in Italy.

Our clients

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses from various sectors of the economy (high teck, services, industry, etc.), as well as young companies in Start up.

Our partners

We work with many public and private associations and associations to promote international development and access to finance for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies in their development in Europe and other countries.