Mergers & Aquisitions

Bringing you the right partners

We start with a fact-finding meeting with the company. It defines the goals and objectives of the investment project.

Then a preliminary analysis of the company is carried out. Based on the results of this preliminary analysis, an operational strategy is developed, the necessary documents are prepared to familiarize the project with potential investors or target acquisition companies.

The next step is the selection of the most suitable partner and the organization of a series of meetings (roadshow).

How we accompany your transaction

We support clients throughout the process:

from the planning stage of the structure to the conclusion of the transaction.

Confronto diretto

Stakeholder negotiations are usually held at the CONSULSTAFF customer office. The purpose of these negotiations: preliminary analysis, visits to the enterprise and discussion of planned activities.


The factors characterizing the company are studied:

  • Business model and goals of the company
  • Product and company services
  • Organizational and operational structure
  • Financial reporting and indicators
  • Markets and competitors
  • And other aspects
Strategia operativa
Operational strategy
  • We formulate a preliminary assessment of the company with justification of the range and components of the possible cost.
  • We are preparing an information package – presentations and an information memorandum – which will be presented to investors interested in implementing the transaction.
Search for investors
  • Based on the information collected, which we obtain consent from potential investors, we present a list of potential investors to the interested party.
  • We send informational documents to selected investors.
  • We provide selected investors with an information memorandum after signing a confidentiality agreement.
  • Schedule a first meeting between stakeholders.
  • We work closely with the investor to ensure a complete understanding of the data provided.
  • We provide additional documentation if necessary.
  • We attract specialized professionals for the successful implementation and execution of the transaction.

Referral team

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